What’s in the box?

Designed to make picnicking simple, our Morrisons Picnic Food Box includes ingredients to make delicious sandwiches, as well as savoury treats like chicken skewers and cocktail sausages. You’ll also find essential picnic items like cakes and juice for a complete picnic experience.

The box is designed to cater for picnics of 2-4 people, so pack up your blanket, check the weather forecast and find out what’s inside the box below.

Your box will include the items listed below, or comparable products of the same value:

Morrisons Pork Cocktail Sausages 30 Pack 246g

Morrisons Mini Chicken Skewers 10 x 10g

Morrisons Medium Cheddar 10 Slices 250g

Morrisons The Best Sea Salted Crisps 150g

Morrisons Carrot Batons 325g

Morrisons Houmous Stacker 210g

Morrisons Mini Cheddar & Mozzarella Sticks 85g

Morrisons Medium White Loaf 400g*

Morrisons From Our Deli Cooked Ham 90g

Morrisons Flapjack Cake Bars 5 per pack

Morrisons Sweetclems

Morrisons No Added Sugar Fruit Burst Orange Juice Drink 4 x 250ml