What’s in the box?

Our Meat Eaters Essentials Box is full of versatile kitchen essentials you can use to make tasty meals at home. The box contains meat, vegetables and cupboard items, as well as an essential such as toilet roll.

Your box will include the items listed below, or comparable products of similar value:

Bella Napoli Baked Beans 400g

Baxter’s Vegetarian Country Garden Soup 400g

Uncle Bens Express Basmati 250g

Di Martino Gaetano Pasta 500g

Unsalted British Butter 250g

Semi-skimmed milk 1L x2

Morrisons 12% Fat Minced Beef 500g

Morrisons The Best Thick Pork Sausages 400g

Morrisons Chicken Breast 485g

Pilgrims Mature Cheddar 350g

Morrisons Medium White Loaf 800g

Morrisons Italian Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce 350g

Morrisons Vegetable Stock Pots 4 x 28g

Morrisons Wheat Bix 24s

Morrisons Unsmoked Streaky Bacon 225g

Morrisons Malted Milk Biscuits 200g

Morrisons British Apples 6 pk

Morrisons Baby Potatoes 1kg

Morrisons Baby Spinach 160g

Morrisons The Best Sweet Baby Peppers 250g

Morrisons Brown Onions 1kg

Morrisons Wonky Carrots 1kg

Morrisons 4pk White Toilet Tissue