What’s in the box?

Our British Food Boxes are full of British produce. Featuring meat, dairy and vegetables, as the biggest customer of British Farming, we’re pleased to not only provide you with a range of delicious ingredients, but to help support British Farmers, too. £1 from each box you buy will be donated to British Farming Charities via The Prince’s Countryside Fund.

The boxes also contain products from our For Farmers range. This range helps to support the farmers we buy from by returning more money to them, which in turn helps farmers to invest in extra health and welfare measures for their livestock.

Your box will include the items listed below, or comparable products of similar value:

2x Ribeye Steaks 200g

Pork Loin Steaks 500g

Chicken Thigh Fillets 600g

Morrisons British Lamb Chops 360g

Morrisons The Best 6 Traditional Cured Unsmoked Back Bacon Rashers 200g

Morrisons The Best Thick Cumberland Sausages 400g

Beef Mince 12% 500g

Morrisons For Farmers British Semi Skimmed Milk 4 Pints

Morrisons British Salted Butter 250g

Morrisons For Farmers Mature Cheddar 350g

Morrisons The Best Red Fox 17 Month Mature Cheese 200g

Morrisons UK Sweet Vine Ripened Tomatoes 250g

Morrisons Carrots 1kg

Morrisons Baby Potatoes 1kg

Morrisons Baby Portobello Mushrooms 200g

Morrisons Salad Peppers 3 Pack

Morrisons Mini Cucumbers 200g

Morrisons Sugar Snap Peas 150g

Morrisons Broccoli 350g