Our Mindful Chef review takes a detailed look at one of the top recipe boxes in UK, providing the ultimate guide on the pros and cons for anyone considering signing up to this food subscription service.

Recipe boxes and food subscription services have exploded in the UK recently, they were already growing rapidly but the recent lockdown has accelerated this convenient service even further.

Mindful Chef is perhaps one of the better know services and they claim that it is the highest rated recipe box in the UK. This service is backed by nutritionist-designed recipes with high quality and fresh ingredients aiming towards the healthier end of the recipe box market.

With a flexible subscription service, vegan, gluten free and dairy free options and endorsement from professional athletes it really does sound like it caters for everyone’s needs. So without further delay let’s jump into our ultimate Mindful Chef review.

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the ultimate mindful chef review

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The ultimate Mindful Chef review

As part of this ultimate Mindful Chef review, we have delved into all of the claims on the Mindful Chef website and also checked out what other people have said by reading dozens of press reviews and real world customer reviews. We have also sampled some of the recipes ourselves to see how well the products and recipes live up to their claims.

Below are some of the key benefits of this recipe box service as promoted by Mindful Chef on their website and in their advertising.

  • Fresh, delicious, nutritionist-designed recipes delivered to your doorstep

  • A weekly box containing 2 to 5 healthy recipes

  • 16 recipes to choose from – fresh ingredients and no cheap fillers

  • No commitments, no contract, cancel anytime
  • 100% grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and UK-landed fresh fish
  • For every meal you buy, they donate a school meal to a child in poverty

So how did we find that Mindful Chef performed against these claims? Overall we were hugely impressed with the experience, the quality and freshness certainly lived up to the hype and the food not only tasted good but felt like it was doing good too… what more can you ask for?

As a quick analysis of all the claims above by Mindful Chef we can verify that yes the food is fresh and delicious and it was indeed delivered to our doorstep! We tried the 2 meals for 2 people option, choosing the Thai Chickpea Burgers with Pak Choi and the Kung Pao Tempeh with Baby Corn and Broccoli options. The total cost of our order was £24.50 including delivery which is free on all orders. Our order consisted of a whopping 22 fresh ingredients which looks very impressive when it arrives. Below is the description for the two meals we tried:

mindful chef thai chickpea burgers

Photo: Mindful Chef

Thai chickpea burgers with pak choi

Talk about taste! Our fragrant chickpea burgers are infused with curry paste and spring onion, then pan-fried to tempting crispiness. We dollop over a sticky sweet chilli sauce and serve with vitamin C-rich pak choi.

  •  30 min
  •  550 cal
  • Chickpeas
  • £11.50 (£5.75 per person)

Ingredients – rice (brown), thai curry paste (red), maple syrup, chickpea flour, chickpeas, chilli (red), lime, onion (spring), pak choi

Macros – 19.14g fat, 88.01g carbohydrates, 18.16g protein, 550.2 cal

mindful chef kung pao tempeh

Photo: Mindful Chef

Kung pao tempeh with baby corn and broccoli

Bring the flavours of Sichuan home with our twist on kung pao. We stir-fry organic tempeh in a spicy, tangy sauce – fragranced by garlic and ginger – with vitamin K-rich broccoli. A toasted peanut garnish adds crunch.

  •  25 min
  •  533 cal
  • Plant Power organic tempeh
  • £13.00 (£6.50 per person)

Ingredients – maple syrup, onion (spring), quinoa, garlic clove, tamari sachet – 1 tbsp, cornflour, sweetcorn (baby), ginger (fresh), rice wine vinegar, broccoli, shichimi togarashi, toasted peanuts, tempeh

Allergens – Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame, Soya

Macros – 20.2g fat, 53.93g carbohydrates, 32.47g protein, 533.5 cal

The cooking times are roughly accurate, as with any recipe we found that the first time cooking it always takes a bit longer, however if we cooked these Mindful. Chef recipes again then we are confident it would be quicker.

Both recipes are really tasty and as you can see from above they are pretty health and low on calories too. We opted for two vegan recipes and they were both full of flavour and importantly we felt full after eating them, not short changed in any way.

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What makes Mindful Chef recipe boxes unique?

Well it might not be unique but Mindful Chef is definitely one fo the most flexible services that we have experienced or heard about. As per their claim there is absolutely no commitments, no contract and you can cancel anytime. We put this to the test with our one off order and it was really easy. Just pay for the order and no subscription services to cancel a trial or anything like that, just order when you like. Of course you can expect to be marketed to in order to encourage further orders, but what business wouldn’t do that these days?

One of the more heartwarming and feel good aspects of the Mindful Chef service is the donation of a meal to a child in poverty for every meal you order. We absolutely love this idea and it’s founded on genuine passion and wanting to do good from the business owners. For this reason alone some people might choose Mindful Chef over any of the other food subscription and delivery services available.

What’s included with the Mindful Chef recipe box?

If you’ve never tried any of the recipe boxes or other food subscription services before and you’re wondering what exactly is included with the recipe box, below is a quick summary of what Mindful Chef include with their recipe boxes.

  • Everything you need to cook delicious healthy recipes…

  • Highest quality meat like grass-fed Yorkshire beef, fresh fish and veg

  • Precise ingredients for zero food waste

  • Easy step-by-step cooking instructions

  • Recycled denim insulation to keep ingredients cool

  • Meal donated to a child in poverty for each one purchased (not included in the actual box!)

Mindful Chef recipe box review summary

We can conclude that Mindful Chef lives up to its reputation as one of the best recipe box services available in the UK. If you are looking for fresh and nutritious food that is quick to prepare and tasty then this should definitely be near the top of your shortlist. The prices are fair for the quality and quantity of food provided and the donation of a meal to a child in poverty is a fantastic added extra to help you feel good about your choice.

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