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Compare Recipe Boxes, Ready Meals & Food Boxes

Our comparison tool makes it easy to filter through the different recipe box, ready meal and food box options available and compare prices between leading services such as Gousto, Mindful Chef, Hello Fresh, FeastBox, Riverford, Simply Cook, Allplants and lots more!

We also write the some of the most detailed reviews available on the internet for the most popular recipe boxes and food boxes. As well as covering some of the more obscure and specialist food and recipe delivery and subscription services. You can find all of our detailed recipe box reviews by clicking on the reviews link in the main menu.

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What are recipe boxes and why should i compare them?

Recipe boxes have become increasingly popular over recent years, but what exactly are they and what are the benefits of them? Well a recipe box is mainly defined as a service that delivers all of the ingredients you need and some recipe cards to create a meal or multiple meals. There are lots of different services available and most of them are flexible and scalable, meaning you choose how many people and how many meals you want. You can nearly always choose the individual recipes you would like delivered as well.

Some recipe box services charge a one-off fee per transaction and some are subscription based, where you get a set amount of meals per week and are usually charged a monthly fee. There are services available for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, dairy free and lots more, so there really is something for everyone. Some recipe boxes such as Simply Cook only include the spices and sauces for the recipes and require you to add some ingredients yourself.

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How to compare the benefits of recipe boxes

The main benefit of recipe boxes is the convenience, not only do they save you time and effort from planning your meals for the week, they also save you the hassle of having to go to the supermarket or sometimes multiple shops to buy the ingredients. Recipe boxes are ideal if you have a busy lifestyle but you still want fresh, high-quality home cooked meals in the evening. It’s a great option if you haven’t got time to plan and shop for interesting home cooked recipes but you don’t want to live on takeaways, ready meals or freezer food.

There is so much choice available for recipe boxes, you can have recipes from all over the world and a mix of healthy and indulgent recipes. They are usually quick and easy to prepare often with pre-measured ingredients to save time and reduce waste. The best thing about recipe boxes is that they are full customisable, choose the recipes and number of meals you want, take a break for a week or more if you want and get it all delivered right to your doorstep.

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Why you should compare recipe boxes, ready meals & food boxes

As we mentioned above, recipe boxes are usually defined as a food delivery service that include all of the ingredients and the recipe cards to create a meal or multiple meals. There are also some services like allplants that deliver ready meals. Similarly to the recipe box idea the ready meal services allow you to choose from a range of recipes which are delivered to you. However the ready meals, as the name suggests, are already prepared for you. So rather than receiving the raw ingredients and a recipe card, you will receive a prepared meal that just needs heating up.

The ready meal delivery service adds an extra level of convenience if you do not have time to make home cooked meals. As opposed to the typical ready meals you might find on the supermarket shelves, there are a number of healthier options available for delivery. Most of the ready meals available as part of a delivery service are freezable so they can be stored for a long time and used when you need them.

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How do ready meal and food box services differ?

Most ready meal services available in the UK are pre-prepared by chefs and packaged individually. Some are frozen as soon as they are produced to retain freshness. Ready meal delivery services usually provide the option for you to choose how many meals and how many people you want to cater for and then select when and how often you would like them delivered.

Food box services can differ hugely depending on the provider. Food box services started out from companies such as Riverford Organic Farmers and Abel & Cole, where they delivered a box of fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, meats and dairy products to your home on a regular basis e.g. weekly or monthly. Now most of the supermarkets offer varying levels of food boxes for home delivery, these services really boomed during lockdown as you could imagine. Food boxes can vary from basic household staples including some non-food essentials as well, right through to meal kits for a family and even speciality boxes such as meat boxes, bbq boxes, movie night boxes, picnic boxes and lots more.

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How do i compare recipe boxes, ready meals and food boxes?

You can compare recipe boxes, ready meals and food boxes using the comparison tool above or by using the links in the main menu. Our handy filters let you quickly and easily find the best services for you. You can filter recipe boxes by number of people, number of meals, type of service and brand, you can also sort if by price.

Compare recipe boxes in a table

To see different options side-by-side in a comparison table you can click the ‘compare’ button on the search page for all the relevant options, then click the ‘added’ button for the table to appear.


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